Citizenship and Social Development

Curriculum aim


Citizenship and Social Development in CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School strictly follow the Curriculum and Assessment (C&A) Guide of Citizenship and Social Development, jointly prepared by the Curriculum. Development Council (CDC) and the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment. We focus on helping our students understand the situations of Hong Kong, the country and the contemporary world, as well as their pluralistic and interdependent nature. Through the learning process, students can connect the knowledge learnt in various subjects at the junior and senior secondary levels, and understand, study and explore different topics from multiple perspectives, so as to construct more knowledge relevant to various themes and build up a more solid knowledge base. Furthermore, students can understand the complexities, major considerations and priorities involved in the topics, decision-making process and different solutions to problems, in order to help students: 


  • acquire a broad knowledge base, and understand contemporary issues that may affect their daily life at personal, community, national and global levels; 
  • become informed and responsible citizens with a sense of national identity and global perspective; 
  • respect pluralism of cultures and views, and become critical, rational, reflective and independent thinkers;
  • acquire skills necessary to life-long learning, and be confident in facing future challenges. 


Our vision of CSD Department

The concepts related to national security education, moral education can be connected naturally and integrated organically with subject learning and teaching as well as diversified learning activities

Mainland Study Tour

Learning and Teaching activities related to cultural security

Learning and Teaching activities related to ecological security

Learning and Teaching activities related to Law-abidingness

Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students actively participated video clip contest