Principal's Message

New Position, New Mission

Follow the past and herald the future


First and foremost, I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to assume the position of Principal at our CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School.  I have been dedicated to serving this school, consistently witnessing the changes and growth of the school, our students, faculty and staff since 1995.  In the current academic year, a continuous increase in the number of students has been observed, with a growth rate of 5.99% compared to the previous year.


Before the beginning of the new school year, our incoming Form One students had already returned to school to participate in their orientation activities.  All students have shown great enthusiasm and a commendable spirit of inquiry during the activity, which impressed both the teachers and myself with their vigour and vitality.  On 29th April, our STEAM Education Department and I mobilized the entire school community to complete a challenge with representatives from various secondary schools, primary schools, and kindergartens.  In the end, we successfully folded 21,294 paper airplanes marvellously, setting a new world record for “Most Paper Aircraft Created by a Team in One Hour”.  This remarkable achievement not only highlights the significance we place on STEAM education at our school but also reflects our commitment to providing students with diverse activities and opportunities to showcase their abilities in the field of STEAM.


With the new school year comes a new outlook!  The teachers and I will continue collaborating closely to create more opportunities for our students, allowing them to achieve balanced development in knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes. Every student possesses unique and unlimited potential.  With appropriate support and encouragement, they can continue to progress and surpass themselves.