Information for non-Chinese speaking parents

Education Support Provided for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Student(s)

School Support Summary

for the 2022/23 School Year

Name of School:       CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School           _


Our school was provided with additional funding by the Education Bureau in the 2022/23 school year.  With reference to school-based circumstances, we provided support for our NCS student(s) and assigned a dedicated teacher/team to coordinate relating matters.  Details are as follows (if applicable, please put a tick in the box(es) and fill in the required information): 


 (一).With reference to the learning progress and needs of NCS student(s), our school adopted the following mode(s) to enhance the support for learning of Chinese of NCS student(s) in the 2022/23 school year (one or more options can be selected)#: 


Appointing___2___ additional teacher(s) and ___2.5__ teaching assistant(s) (including assistant(s) of different race(s)) to support the learning of Chinese of NCS student(s).


In-class support provided in Chinese Language lessons:

Pull-out learning

(Level(s):             )

Split-class/group learning

(Level(s):     S.1 to S.6    )

Increasing Chinese Language lesson time

(Level(s):             )

Co-teaching/In-class support

(Level(s):     S.1 to S.5    )

Learning Chinese across the curriculum

(Level(s):             )

Adopting a school-based Chinese Language curriculum and/or adapted learning and teaching materials

(Level(s):      S.1 to S.6    )


Others (please specify): ______________________________________________

Other support:

Chinese learning group(s)

(Level(s):             )

Summer bridging course(s)

(Level(s):             )

Chinese bridging course(s)

(Level(s):             )

Paired-reading scheme(s)

(Level(s):             )

Peer cooperative learning

(Level(s):             )

Guided reading

(Level(s):             )

Others (please specify): ______________________________________________


(二)Our school’s measures for creating an inclusive learning environment included (one or more options can be selected)#:



☑ All school circulars and school webpage are available in Chinese and English.


☑ Organising activities which promote cultural integration/raise sensitivity to diverse cultures and religions (please specify):

1) All Form One students (both Chinese and NCS students) joined some 

activities to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. __________________________________________________________ 

2) Our school held a ‘Multicultural Evening’ event, allowing students 

and guests from different ethnic groups to perform.


3) Before the Lunar New Year, the Secretary for Education of the Education Bureau visited our school, and the whole school held a ‘Fai Chun writing’ activity.



☑ Providing opportunities for NCS students to learn and interact with their Chinese-speaking peers in school or outside school (e.g. engaging NCS students in uniform groups or community services) (please specify):

Our school had arranged both Chinese and NCS students to participate in uniform groups (such as Scouts, Junior Police Call, Red Cross) and some community services. Moreover, during the post-exam activities period, our school also conducted a "Summer Work Internship Program" for our students.



☑ Other measure(s) (please specify):

All other materials of our school, such as parent handbooks, student handbooks, student reports, WhatsApp messages for parents, all school publications, etc., are available in both Chinese and English.



 (三)Our school’s measures for promoting home-school cooperation with parents of NCS student(s) included (one or more options can be selected)#:


Appointing assistant(s) who can speak English and/or other language(s) facilitating the communication with parents of NCS student(s)

Discussing the learning progress (including learning of Chinese) of NCS student(s) with their parents on a regular basis, as well as explaining and emphasising the importance for their children to master the Chinese language as appropriate

Providing parents of NCS student(s) with information on school choices/further studies/career pursuits for their children

Other measure(s) (please specify):




The support measures mentioned in Parts (1) to (3) above are for reference only.  Depending on the different learning progress and needs of NCS student(s) of each school year, as well as allocation of school resources, our school will adjust the support measures concerned.]


For further enquiries about the education support our school provides for NCS student(s), please contact Miss MUI Yim Wah at 24520681