Principal's Message

Fervent Nurturance Imminent Achievement


Approaching the second year of our "3+3 Year School Development Plan", the accomplishment is actualizing with the efforts from various stakeholders. In this year's Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, our academic results in 8 subjects have much improved compared to last year's. The overall pass rate of each subject has soared by over 10% cumulatively, while the result of English Language has been progressing constantly, the pass rate has raised by 12.2% cumulatively. Our school has always indoctrinated students with a positive attitude toward life, assisting them to set up and attain their goals. Eventually, many graduates fulfilled their wishes, joining their beloved courses. Apart from enrolling in the higher diploma and associate degree at HKU SPACE Community College, our students also sign up for HKU Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in English for Professional Communication Program at Chu Hai College of Higher Education, even one of our students was admitted to the Bachelor of Engineering by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in advance via the "School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme" launched by the EDB.


This academic year, our school has introduced the "Choi Cheung Kok Elite Training Pilot Scheme", aiming at broadening our outstanding students' horizons, and guiding them to prepare for their future development. In addition, our school has received an appropriation from the Choi Cheung Kok Foundation to launch the "Seed Program", recruiting two more full-time teachers to help the students establish a solid foundation in English and Mathematics and to provide after-school homework guidance for junior forms students. We hope to sow the seeds now for the sake of public examination in the future.


Continually, our school has been striving to develop STEM education, launching exchange activities via the "Master Learning Cluster" collaborated with Creative Education. Launching the open competition last year, the number of participants exceeded over 2,500. This year, we will continue hosting the third year of the "One Student One Invention Innovative Design Contest" and "Hong Kong Inter-School Creative Paper Airplane Competition", and intend to invite all participants to set the Guinness World Record jointly and share the happiness of breaking a record.


Principal LAU Sai Chong