Election Result

Result of School IMC Parent Manager Election 2023-2025
  票數 votes
①號候選人   鄭婉姍女士
Candidate No.1 Ms. CHENG Yuen Shan
②號候選人   李文兒女士
Candidate No.1 Ms. SABBA lvy
白票 Blank votes 12
廢票 Void votes 14
投票率  Turnout Rate : 48.1%
公佈日期 Publication date︰10-10-2023



Poll Results

Ms. SAABA Ivy will be nominated for registration as the parent manager.

Ms. CHENG Yuen Shan will be nominated for registration as the alternate parent manager.


      * Candidates dissatisfied with the results may, within one week of the announcement (i.e. on or before 18 October 2023), appeal to PTA in writing together with the reasons. PTA will appoint an appeal committee for final decision of election results.