Principal's Message

我們關心學生 We Care students

  我們創造成功機會 We Create opportunities

  我們點燃學生追夢的火苗 We Kickstart students’ dreams


Stepping into a new school year, we received a lot of good news that engendered much excitement among us. Apart from the class expansion, we are delighted to see a gradual increase in the number of students. In the past three years, the number of S.1 students in our school has been growing steadily, with the total number of students reaching a cumulative growth of 25.9%. The statistics reflect that more parents of primary school students find our school appealing and would like to send their children here. In response to students’ learning diversity, we are running a total of four S.1 classes this year. Moreover, we have allocated extra resources to assign two class teachers in some classes to provide more comprehensive care and support to our students.

In September, we officially launched our new “3+3 year School Development Plan”, with the theme being “Cultivate fundamentals to build up people, open up creativity to realize potential”.  Based on three major concerns (1. To strengthen the learning atmosphere; 2. To build a positive attitude in life; 3. To develop the potential of students), we have devised long-term and comprehensive growth plans for our students.

Last year, the “Hong Kong Inter-School Creative Paper Airplane Competition” established by our school was a monumental success, with a total of 1,500 applicants enrolling for the competition. This year, we will continue to hold the competition, alongside with the “One Student One Invention Creative Design Competition” and a series of "Master Learning Cluster” creative education activities, both of which were newly added last year. We believe that these activities will support students to move forward on the road of creativity and innovation. I would like to take this chance to thank Dr. Jimmy Wong, Director of the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, for being our school manager. With the guidance of Dr Wong, I believe we will have more insights in utilizing our students’ potential.

In addition, the “Student Innovative Invention Exhibition Centre”, which was in preparation for quite a while, is finally in operation. This place will be an educational base that promotes innovative invention between schools in Hong Kong. It is envisaged that the unique learning environment in the centre will enable the teachers and students from different schools to fully experience the meaning and fun of STEM education.

Principal LAU Sai Chong