Principal's Message

Create Innovative Students and Future

To kick off the new school year, I am happy to share with you that the total number of our students has increased by 10% when compared to that in last year, which shows that more and more pupils and parents like our school.  Last year I became the principal of the school.  To get to know the kind of secondary school pupils need, I visited the principals and teachers of nearly 40 primary schools in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai.  In the end, I came up with an answer: In addition to the cultivation of knowledge and character, it is also important to explore the students’ potentials and allow them to give full play to their talents.  It coincides with my educational philosophy - everyone has his own specialties which can be utilized through school education.

Last year, we received HK$4.6 million from the Choi Cheung Kok Foundation to implement the six-year “One Student One Invention” Patent Development Program.  After a year of hard work, we have seen young plants sprout.  At present, 5 of our junior form students have received subsidies from the Foundation and have successfully applied for short-term invention patents from the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department, becoming inventors protected by the intellectual property rights.  They have taken a higher level on the road of innovation and invention.

We are launching our first “Hong Kong Inter-School Creative Paper Airplane Competition” this year, which aims to create opportunities for students from different schools to use their talents in art, science, technology, language and sports.  Being mentors, our students will work together to promote cross-subject STEAM activities.  In addition, I also set up the “Master Learning Cluster” integrating with creative education.  Currently, there are more than 20 members, including principals and teachers of different primary and secondary schools.  We are committed to enhancing the teaching and research capabilities of STEAM through action research and exchange activities.  Let’s join hands together to create a better future for our next generation.


Principal LAU Sai Chong