Design and Technology

The aims of the curriculum are to enable students to:

  1. Become independent thinkers and innovative problem-solvers;
  2. Develop practical skills and knowledge in technology and design;
  3. Identify needs, wants and opportunities for improving the quality of living, and develop design and technological responses as well as entrepreneurship, accordingly; and
  4. Become discriminating, informed and responsible users of products, and develop their awareness of the interplay between technology and aesthetic, enterprise, social, cultural and ethical issues.

Stand 1:

  1. Design in Practise
  2. design Consideratioon
  3. Design and Communication

Stand 2:

  1. Nature of Technologu
  2. Production Process 
  3. Systemand Control

Stand 3:

  1. Values inTechnology and Design
  2. Historical and Cultural 
  3. Enterperneurship and Enterprise


1. Automatic Control
2. Creative Digital Media 
3.Design Implementation and Material Processing
4. Electronics 
5. Visualisation and CAD Modelling 


Learning Resource
TinkerCAD 3D drawimg
Microbit computer programmed controller
Extra-curriculum activities
VR Robotic Challenge Hong Kong Tech Challenge HKDSE SBA exhibition
Windows of Classroom
Robot arm making Soldering 3D Printing
Pathways for studying DAT