Visual Arts

Visual Arts

A. Objectives of Junior Form Visual Arts Curriculum:

Students should be able to:

1. understand that the design work is to meet the needs of human life;

2. have the rational ability to appreciate others’ artworks;

3. Understand the application of digital technology in design;

4. Understand how social, historical, cultural and environmental factors affect the development of design;

5. apply basic design knowledge to put forward ideas and solutions to solve the problem of design work;

6. Create and appreciate artworks, apply basic aesthetic knowledge and design techniques; use appropriate visual language, drawing and/or writing skills to express design ideas.


B. Objectives of Senior Form Visual Arts Curriculum:

Students should be able to:

1. strengthen the artistic ability to develop their creative ideas;

2. enhance aesthetic and critical thinking through learning the art knowledge and culture;

3. engage in creative activities so as to express personal thoughts and feelings;

4. have more understanding of the style of modern art and master the skills of computer art creation;

5. be able to participate in artistic activities in the community in order to broaden their horizons and enhance creative style;

6. continue to explore ways to be engaged in creative activities so as to improve the quality of life.

Art Appreciation

S1 Design  1B Humeera S1 Design  1C Gagan S1 Design  1C Shanskar
S1 Geometric Drawing  1B Avi S2  Drawing  2B jasmeet S2  Case design  2B Kaur
S3 Poster Design  3B RUBINA S3 Poster Design  3B Rafia
S4 Poster Design  4B Maansi S4 Painting  4C Nisan S4 Painting  4C Maansi
S5 Painting  5C Sofyia S5 Illustration  5D Sofea S5 Painting  5D Zahra
S6 Sculpture   6C Asim S6 Sculpture  6E Maria S6 Sculpture  6E Kinza