Integrated Humanities


1. Introduction
Our school adopts an integrated subject mode of curriculum planning in Integrated Humanities. The subject cover six strands of central curriculum, including ‘Personal and Social Development’,‘Time, Continuity and change’,‘Culture and Heritage’,‘Place and Environment’,‘Resources and Economic Activities’and‘Social Systems and Citizenship’. Integrated Humanities provides learning experiences through which students acquire social literacy and the necessary social enquiry skills.

2. Curriculum Framework
(a) Relationship between the curriculum and the six strands under PSHE KLA


(b) Curriculum Outline

The curriculum tailored to the learning needs of CMI and EMI students. Some learning contents were differentiated based on different prior knowledge of CMI and EMI students.


3. Measures of catering for learner diversity

In order to help different students to achieve the learning goals of the subject, learning tasks will be tailored.

(a) Curriculum Trimming

(b) Various class activities to enhance classroom engagement

(c) Assignments commodification

(d) Collaborative learning create good learning opportunities

(e) Collaboration with other departments and resources outside school


SpLD School Support Program offered by
the Educational Psychology Service (New Territories East)


EDB School-based Support Service_PSHE


4. Activities

Teachers will explore the opportunities for students to learn in real contexts and authentic settings. Such experiential learning enables students to achieve certain learning goals that are difficult to attain through classroom learning alone. Various activities can also enhance students’ interest in learning Integrated Humanities.


Exploring CCK Community


Cultural Experience of Tai O Fishing Village


Lunch activity - Now and Then


Inter-house Multi-intelligence Challenges


Photo exhibitions of Refugee in HK


Visitingto the Hong Kong Museun of History


Sim Society


5. Reference


1. 香港歷史博物館 Visiting to the Hong Kong Museum of History


2. 樂施會 Oxfam Hong Kong


3. 香港社區組織協會 Society for Community Organization (SoCO)


4. 世界自然基金會香港分會 WWF Hong Kong


5. National Geographic Kids


6. Basic Law Online Course for Secondary School Students’ Self-directed Learning


7. EDB References and Resources: Life and Society