Application for Secondary One Discretionary Places

1. Application dates
2 January (Tuesday) – 16 January (Tuesday),2024
2. Distribution of the application forms
General office or click here to download the application form.
<<Office hours>>

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday: 9am to 12 noon

3. Guidelines for application
4. Application Form Submission Methods​

(a) Submit in person:

Submit the EDB "Application Form for S1 Discretionary Place", together with other documents required in person.

(b) Online Submission:

For parents registered as SSPA e-Platform users and bound their account to “iAM Smart+”, apart from the paper Application Form, they may submit DP applications via the SSPA e-Platform.

5. Arrangement of interviews
All applicants will be notified for interview on or before 31 January 2024.
6. Selection result
Our school will notify parents of all successful applicants of their children’s inclusion in the Successful Lists for Discretionary Places by letter and phone on 27 March 2024. These notification arrangements are not applicable to reserve and unsuccessful applicants, nor are the notifications the allocation results. The parents concerned do not need to reply to the notifications.
7. Enquiry
Parents can call 2452 0681 (General office) / 9350 3050 (Ms Ivy SABBA) / 9346 6891 (Ms Princess Gurung) during office hours or send an email to for enquiry.
Number of S.1 Discretionary Places of our school: 30