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                                           VEXIQ Robot Competition CCK Cup Workshop


To promote local STEAM education and facilitate exchanges in robotics sports between primary and secondary schools, our school held the Asian Robotics League Hong Kong Challenge CCK Cup on November 11. The competition was unprecedented, with 63 teams from Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, and the Guangzhou team participating, with more than 220 people. Many international schools are experiencing this, and the scene is joyful. 


The units are in the competition room. Because they come from different regional backgrounds, the accelerated teams use other languages to communicate. In addition to improving STEAM knowledge, participating schools can promote learning additional languages. 


The participating teams enjoyed the competition process very much, and today, we are fortunate to have the Chairman of the Asian Robotics League Fund as the officiating guest to share his experience in the robot competition. The CCK Cup is hoped to reach a new high next year, attracting more exchanges and competitors between schools from different regions.

2022 CCK Cup VEX IQ

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